About The Lost Journals

Welcome to the Lost Journals –  a Sub-Blog of our Primary Blog “A Song of Life: Being DID“.  (There is also “The Little Shop of Horrors” which contains a lot of our 90’s blog and Mikie’s memories.)

Not so long ago we ‘stumbled’ across our stash of lost journals, written back in the early 1980’s.  These Journals are ‘the past’ and reflect two of the many aspects of my ‘personalities’ – though you can see ‘others’ bleeding in and through sometimes.

However, these are Mostly Matthew’s Journals; for he was in this game of figuring out who ‘I’ was; who “we” were . . . up to and including the time we got married; our experience with stepchildren, the birth of our own daughter (and the terribly debilitating time when our wife, growing pregnant (and having known miscarriage before) – began to loose weight in an alarming manner.))  There’s the difficulties of a teenage life suddenly thrust alone; yet all at the same time growing together.

I don’t know.  I’m not ‘him’ (this is M3 speaking; along with Elvis, my writer ‘friend’ – so to truly understand ‘our’ (and his own) perceptions of things (the symbolism and ‘stuff’) one must see him as he truly is: an ‘impersonate’ of our Central Being (who is smiling at us in bemusement).

So we’ll be reading (and typing) Matthew’s long lost journals in here … not all of it, I suppose – but then again, you never know with me (feeling ‘them moving inside) – and ‘we’.

For while we are one, one is many, and many can overrule the one.

LOL, freedom rocks! (said somewhat sarconically by several someone’s in myself.)

Welcome to Matthew’s Journal Entries.


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