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In Our Desire

In our hearts we found our desire,
in our desire we found pain.
In our pain we found our fire,
in our fire we found art again.

In our mind’s eye we defined our goals,
In our hearts our emotions’ fires,
In our eyes our souls hold
our aspirations and desires.

We perceive what is around us,
knowing accurate perception is rare.
What does that say for our pasts,
or of the memories we have there?

We trust in what we know, knowing
what we know is not all that is there.
We see what we see without seeing,
interpreting vibrations in the air.

What is this? What is that?
The object of my desire,
it’s not what I perceive
but what I believe,
that fuels the emotions’ fire.

To see that is to know
that deep in the soul
lays the key to happiness.
Not through greed, nor through gain,
but perception’s true accurateness.




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To Give Up Wants and Desires

To give up wants and desires,
to give up hopes and dreams,
to give up ambition’s fires,
to give up all your schemes,
to give up all you are
and all you want to be,
to give up on everything
is learning to be free.

Free of wants and desires,
free of worry’s pain,
free of tomorrow’s fires,
free of loss and gain.
Free to be who you are
and not who you want to be
freedom to aspire
towards truly being happy.


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