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Hot Fire

Friends come, friends go,
summer’s warm, winter’s cold.
In your heart where the winter’s warm
fires are burning hot
you find yourself standing under a starry sky at night
in the empty snow in an empty field, head up
looking at a million hot pinpricks and wondering:

if one of those pinpricks is looking down at you.

love’s desire.
from friendly fire
which takes place
behind enemy lines.

Madness I Am, for
friendly fire is not
if you’re in their aim
and you’ve gotten shot
by love’s betrayal of desire.

burning hot
like the bullet wounds
of my heart’s desire.
I want not
but the betrayal of the soul is the heart’s desire,
and betrayal of both sets the mind afire
with thoughts of what you want
but cannot have.

Peace be with you.


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To Fly

The Raptor’s Scream

To fly
free of the pain,
drifting across endless skies
over seas of grain
through mountain valleys
on effortless wings
with no thought for the past
or what the future brings.

Knowing only base hunger,
instinct driving us along.
No thought to express,
no concept about going on;
no distant memory of dying
in a distant land,
no fault, no guilt, no feeling
just the wind moving across my face
the feathers on my wings
the coolness like ice on my eyeballs
as my throat gives a raptor’s scream.

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